crop noun

1 plants grown for food

ADJ. agricultural | cash, commercial, export | fodder, food, forage Fodder crops are used to feed livestock. | subsistence | staple | traditional the replacement of traditional crops with cash crops for export | spring, winter | standing Rivers burst their banks and flooded standing crops. | arable, cereal, fruit, root, vegetable

VERB + CROP grow, produce Most of the farmers grow arable crops. | plant, sow | bring in, gather, harvest, reap | damage, destroy Summer flash floods destroyed the crops. | rotate | spray Crops are sprayed with highly toxic chemicals to prevent insect damage.

CROP + VERB fail Isolated communities were extremely vulnerable if crops failed.

CROP + NOUN rotation Crop rotation helps prevent soil erosion. | damage, failure | production, yield to boost crop yields | spraying

PREP. ~ of a crop of carrots

2 total amount of grain, fruit, etc. grown

ADJ. abundant, bumper, excellent, good, heavy, record | poor | early Bring strawberry plants indoors for an early crop. | potato, rice, etc.

VERB + CROP gather, get, harvest, have, reap a record crop was harvested We had a very good crop of apples last year. | bear, produce, yield It takes three to five years for a new plantation to bear a crop.

PREP. ~ of