critic noun

1 says what is bad/wrong with sth

ADJ. bitter, fierce, harsh, hostile, severe, trenchant She is one of her husband's severest critics. | outspoken, vocal, vociferous | persistent | chief, great, leading, major He is now a major critic of the nuclear industry.

VERB + CRITIC prove wrong She is looking for a chance to prove her critics wrong.

CRITIC + VERB accuse sb Critics accused the government of giving in to pressure from the tobacco companies. | argue sth, believe sth, claim sth, charge sth, fear sth, point sth out, say sth, suggest sth Critics point out that poverty still exists. | be right/wrong

PREP. ~ of an outspoken critic of government policy

2 gives opinions about plays/books/films, etc.

ADJ. good, great, incisive | distinguished, influential | art, drama, film, literary, music, restaurant, social, television, theatre

CRITIC + VERB hail sth, praise sth The film was hailed by critics as a triumphant piece of realism. | attack sth, pan sth, slate sth The play was panned by critics. | describe sth Critics described the paintings as worthless rubbish. > Note at JOB