cover verb

1 put sth over sth to hide/protect it

ADV. completely | loosely | up She used dried leaves and twigs to cover up the hole.

VERB + COVER try to She tried to cover her face with her hands. (figurative) He tried to cover his embarrassment by starting to rub his hands together. | use sth to

PREP. with He covered the body with a cloth.

2 form a layer on sth

ADV. completely

PREP. in The cars were all covered in snow. | with The children were completely covered with mud.

3 money/tax/insurance

ADV. barely, hardly The payments he gets barely cover his expenses.

VERB + COVER help (to) | be intended to | be extended to VAT may be extended to cover books.

PREP. against This policy should cover you against accidental injury. | for a policy that covers you for fire and theft