cover noun

1 sth put on/over sth

ADJ. loose a sofa with a loose cover | protective | removable | dust We spread dust covers over the furniture while the builders were in. | cushion, duvet, mattress, seat | manhole

VERB + COVER put on | take off

PREP. ~ for a cover for the swimming pool

2 sth that is over sth

ADJ. thick a thick cover of snow | cloud, snow We descended into Heathrow through thick cloud cover. | forest, ground plants that provide good ground cover

3 outside of a book/magazine

ADJ. back, front | hard, soft | book, magazine

COVER + NOUN design | story | girl

PREP. on a/the ~ There's a picture of the author on the back cover.

4 the covers: blankets, sheets, etc.

ADJ. bed

VERB + COVER get under | pull up | pull back, throw back She threw back the covers and got out of bed.

PREP. under the ~

5 insurance against sth

ADJ. comprehensive, full | wide This company provides wider cover. | standard | additional | insurance | fire, health, indemnity, life, medical

VERB + COVER have | give sb, provide (sb with)

PREP. ~ against cover against accidental damage | ~ for cover for contents

6 shelter/protection from the weather/damage, etc.

ADJ. air The RAF provided air cover for the attack.

VERB + COVER dive for, run for, take We ran for cover as it started to rain. | seek | find | give sb, provide (sb with) | break (= leave) The deer broke cover as the hunters approached.

PREP. under ~ All the seats are under cover. | under ~ of We attacked at night, under cover of darkness. | ~ from They sought cover from the wind.

7 sth that hides the real nature of sth

ADJ. perfect | diplomatic spies operating under diplomatic cover

VERB + COVER blow (= reveal) He realized his cover had been blown

PREP. ~ for The club is a cover for various criminal activities.