court noun

1 law

ADJ. high This is the highest court in the land. | appeal, civil, crown, high, juvenile, magistrates, military They took their case to the appeal court. | supreme | county, federal, etc. | European, French, etc.

VERB + COURT go to, take sb/sth to We are prepared to go to court to get our compensation. Their neighbours took them to court. | come to, get to, go to The case should not be allowed to go to court. | bring sth to There wasn't enough evidence to bring the case to court. | settle sth out of The dispute was settled out of court. | a court of appeal The case will be heard by the court of appeal next month. | a court of law I don't think that argument would stand up in a court of law. | a ward of court The child was made a ward of court when her parents were jailed.

2 for sport

ADJ. basketball, squash, tennis, etc. | clay, grass, hard Do you prefer playing tennis on grass courts or hard courts?

PREP. off (the) ~ Off court she is just as aggressive as she is on the court. | on (the) ~ The players have been on court for an hour.

3 kings/queens

ADJ. royal appear before, appear in, attend She is too young to appear before the court.

COURT + NOUN circles Mozart quickly became a favourite in court circles. preside over The court was presided over by Judge Owen. life at court He will appear in court tomorrow charged with the murder. |

PREP. at (a/the) ~ life at the court of Charles I

COURT + VERB hear sth The court heard how the mother had beaten the 11-year-old boy. | acquit sb, clear sb The court acquitted Reece of the murder of his wife. | dismiss sth, quash sth The court dismissed the appeal. The guilty verdict was quashed by the appeal court. | uphold sth The court upheld the plaintiff's claim of unfair dismissal. | hold sth, order sth, rule sth The court held that she was entitled to receive compensation.

COURT + NOUN action, case, proceedings | hearing, trial | injunction, order, summons She tried to get a court order to prevent him from coming near her. He received a court summons for non-payment of tax. | decision, ruling | appearance Divorce no longer requires a court appearance. | battle They could now face a court battle for compensation. | bailiff, clerk, judge, official, registrar, staff, usher She was appointed a high court judge in 1998. | procedure, process | system | building

PREP. at ~ He was found guilty at Swindon Crown Court. | before a/the ~ The case is now before the court. | in ~ Relatives of the dead girl were in court.

PHRASES contempt of court He was charged with contempt of court after shouting at a witness. |