countryside noun

ADJ. attractive, beautiful, delightful, glorious, lovely, lush, magnificent, picturesque, pleasant, spectacular, stunning, unspoilt, wonderful miles of unspoilt countryside | open | green, wooded a walk through the lush green countryside | flat | hilly, mountainous, rolling, rugged, undulating | wild | peaceful, quiet, tranquil | local, nearby, surrounding | native The feel for his native countryside comes through strongly in his photographs. | English, Kent, etc.

QUANT. area, stretch, tract a delightful stretch of countryside vast tracts of countryside

VERB + COUNTRYSIDE conserve, preserve, protect | destroy, ravage, ruin, spoil The countryside has been ravaged by pollution. | roam, wander (around/through) In the afternoons they roamed the countryside roundabout.

PREP. in the ~ living in the countryside | surrounded by ~ a small village surrounded by glorious countryside | through (the) ~ travelling through pleasant open countryside | ~ around the countryside around Oxford