counsel noun

1 advice

ADJ. good, wise

VERB + COUNSEL give (sb), offer (sb) | accept, follow, get, listen to, take Listen to the counsel of your elders.

COUNSEL + VERB prevail In the end, wiser counsels prevailed.

PREP. ~ on He is there to give you counsel on all matters.

PHRASES a counsel of despair (= advice not to try to do sth because it is too difficult), a counsel of perfection (= advice that is good but difficult or impossible to follow)

2 lawyer

ADJ. legal They were denied legal counsel or the right to call witnesses in their defence. | chief, senior | junior | leading The accused was represented by a leading counsel. | Crown, prosecuting/prosecution The witness was cross-examined by the prosecuting counsel. | defence/defending | King's/Queen's

VERB + COUNSEL appoint | brief, instruct My solicitor will brief the senior counsel.

COUNSEL + VERB represent sb | cross-examine sb, question sb | argue sth, claim sth, say sth, state sth, submit sth His counsel argued that he had not intended to harm the women.

PHRASES counsel for the appellant/defendant/plaintiff/respondent, counsel for the defence/prosecution to be questioned by the counsel for the prosecution