corridor noun

ADJ. endless, long | short | broad, wide | narrow | labyrinthine the labyrinthine corridors of the ministry building | brightly-lit | badly-lit, dark, darkened, dim, gloomy, ill-lit | chilly, dank, draughty | bare, blank, featureless | deserted, empty | carpeted, lino-covered, marble-floored, stone, stone-flagged, tiled | picture-lined | white-walled, etc. | hospital, hotel, school | access | land, peace (both figurative) UN troops will secure the land corridor so that food supplies can reach the trapped civilians.

VERB + CORRIDOR line Portraits line the corridors of the palace.

CORRIDOR + VERB lead Narrow corridors lead off from the main hallway. | run along/down sth The corridor runs down the middle of the building. | link sth The corridor links the old part of the hospital with the new.


PREP. along a/the ~, at/to the end of a/the ~, down a/the ~ The office is just down the corridor on the left. | in a/the ~ I put my head down as I passed him in the corridor.

PHRASES the corridors of power (figurative) She was a minister with considerable influence in the corridors of power. | a labyrinth/maze of corridors She led us through a maze of hotel corridors to our room.