cooperation noun

ADJ. close | full | greater, increased | active | effective | international, local | mutual a society founded on mutual cooperation and shared prosperity | cultural, economic, military, political, social, technical

VERB + COOPERATION need, require | ask for, call for, demand, seek She called for closer cooperation on drugs control. They are seeking the cooperation of senior medical staff. | enlist, get We are hoping to enlist the cooperation of women's groups. | give (sb), offer (sb) | encourage, promote promoting cooperation between universities and industry | ensure

PREP. in ~ with The film was made in cooperation with the Sports Council. | with/without sb's ~ With the cooperation of the public, the police may be able to catch this man. | ~ among increased technical cooperation among large companies | ~ between political cooperation between the two groups | ~ from You will need a bit of cooperation from your family. | ~ in We asked for their cooperation in the collection of data. | ~ on They offered their cooperation on the project. | ~ with We should like to thank you for your cooperation with us.

PHRASES a lack of cooperation, a need for cooperation There is a need for greater economic cooperation.