cool adj.

1 fairly cold

VERBS be, feel, look The forest looked cool and shady. | become, get It will probably get cool later, so bring a coat. | keep sth Try to keep the drinks cool.

ADV. very | fairly, quite, rather | beautifully, blissfully, deliciously, pleasantly, refreshingly, wonderfully The temple was light, spacious and blissfully cool.

2 calm

VERBS appear, be, look | keep, remain, stay She managed to stay cool during the meeting. | act, play it (informal) He forced himself to count to ten and act cool. For once I felt uncertain about my real feelings. I decided to play it cool.

ADV. very | completely | pretty | professionally Professionally cool, she went back to her patient.

PHRASES cool, calm and collected He did his best to appear cool, calm and collected.

3 not friendly/enthusiastic

VERBS appear, be, sound | remain

ADV. distinctly, very | rather, somewhat

PREP. about She was distinctly cool about their plans. | towards He was cool towards me.