control noun

1 power over sb/sth

ADJ. absolute, complete, full, total | effective, proper | close, strict Weeds should be kept under strict control. | direct | government, parental, political, state

VERB + CONTROL have | assume, establish, gain, get, take, win A military junta took control of the country. | keep, maintain, retain She struggled to keep control of her voice. | lose, relinquish He lost control of the car when he swerved to avoid a cyclist. | wrest attempts to wrest control of the town from government forces | get out of, go out of The car went out of control on the icy road. | re-establish, regain Enemy forces have now regained control of the area. | give sb/sth The idea is to give councils full control of their own budgets. | exercise, exert Editors do not exercise control over large sections of their newspapers. | bring/get sth under They soon got the situation under control.

PREP. beyond/outside your ~ Parking is outside my control. | in ~ (of) The elected government is back in control. | out of ~ I had this feeling that things were out of control. | under (sb's) ~ Everything is under control The department was under the control of Bryce Thompson. | ~ over They have little control over that side of the business.

PHRASES circumstances beyond sb's control The event has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.

2 limiting/managing sth

ADJ. air-traffic, arms, birth, budgetary, cost, crowd, gun, pest, pollution, quality, rent, social, stock, traffic The police are experts in crowd control.

3 (usuallycontrols) method of limiting/managing sth

ADJ. strict, stringent, tight, tough | lax | border, export, price calls for tougher export controls

VERB + CONTROL impose, introduce The government has imposed strict controls on new building. | tighten The country has tightened its border controls. | ease, relax plans to relax price controls | lift, remove

PREP. ~ on They have introduced controls on public spending.

4 for operating a machine

ADJ. remote | volume

VERB + CONTROL take Once we were in the air, I was allowed to take the controls.


PREP. at the ~s Chief Air Officer Sedley was at the controls of the Boeing 707.