contact noun

1 meeting/talking/writing to sb

ADJ. close She is still in close contact with Sarah. | regular | direct Have you had any direct contact with the director of the company? | face-to-face

VERB + CONTACT be in, have | come into, establish, get in, make In his job, he comes into contact with many different people. We first established contact with the organization in 1999. When I arrive in New York, I'll get in contact with him. | put sb in I put my cousin in contact with a friend who works at the company. | keep, maintain, stay in Maintaining contact after many years can be difficult. | break off | lose

PREP. ~ between There has been no contact between them for several years. | ~ with I have very little contact with Simon now.

2 person you know who can help you

ADJ. good, useful, valuable | business, personal

VERB + CONTACT have He has a lot of good contacts in the music industry. | build up, make It takes time to build up contacts. I made a lot of useful business contacts at the conference.

3 when people/things touch each other

ADJ. physical, sexual The disease is transmitted through physical contact.

VERB + CONTACT come into Do not let the glue come into contact with water.

PREP. in ~ For a brief moment their lips were in contact. | on ~ The light will go out on contact with water. | ~ between There should be no contact between the separate samples. | ~ with