construction noun

1 roads/buildings

ADJ. gigantic, huge, large, massive massive constructions of bamboo and paper | basic, simple It has a basic construction of brick under a tiled roof. | complex | heavy the heavy construction industry | solid walls of solid construction | careful The drainage system needs careful construction. | brick, fibreglass, steel, timber, timber-frame, wooden a two-storey brick construction a schoolhouse of brick construction | bridge, building, canal, house/housing, railway, road Road and bridge construction is underway.

VERB + CONSTRUCTION begin, start | complete Construction of the new road has now been completed.


CONSTRUCTION + NOUN industry, sector | company, firm, group | project, programme | contract | job | work | worker | site, yard | costs | materials | method, process, technique

PREP. during (the) ~ Major engineering challenges will be faced during construction. | under ~ A new factory is under construction.

2 grammar

ADJ. grammatical, linguistic, sentence, syntactic | active, passive | adjectival, infinitive, predicative

3 interpretation

ADJ. literal | logical, sensible | proper, true ruling on the proper construction to be given to section 78 of the Act | strict a strict construction of the clause | ideological, social, theoretical changes in the social construction of marriage (= the meaning of marriage in society)

VERB + CONSTRUCTION give sth, put on sth What construction do you put on this letter (= what do you think it means)?