consideration noun

1 careful thought about sth

ADJ. careful, detailed, full, serious | adequate, due, proper, sufficient | special, urgent | active

VERB + CONSIDERATION give sth, take sth into We will give your proposals serious consideration. You must take the size of the room into consideration. | deserve, need, require | receive

PREP. after ~ After due consideration, it was decided not to offer her the job. | for sb's ~ I enclose the report for your consideration. | in ~ of (formal) (= as payment for sth), on ~ On consideration, we have decided not to come. | under ~ proposals under active consideration

2 thinking about other people's wishes and feelings

VERB + CONSIDERATION have Have some consideration for those without a job. | show sb, treat sb with She showed little consideration for the beginners.

PREP. out of ~ He did it out of consideration for his daughter. | ~ for

3 sth you think about when deciding sth

ADJ. main, major, important, prime | overriding, paramount | minor | aesthetic, commercial, economic, environmental, ethical, financial, health, legal, moral, personal, political, practical, safety, security

VERB + CONSIDERATION take account of, take into account There are several important safety considerations that must be taken into account.