consent noun

ADJ. full | common, general, mutual | express | tacit Your silence implies tacit consent to these proposals. | informed Doctors must obtain the informed consent of all patients before giving any treatment. | prior No action can be taken without the prior consent of the owner. | formal, written | parental

VERB + CONSENT give (sb), grant (sb) You must give written consent before the documents can be released. | refuse (sb), withhold | gain, get, have, obtain Do you have the consent of your employer? | require, seek

PREP. by (common/general/mutual) ~ The contract can only be broken by mutual consent. | with/without sb's ~ Your property cannot be sold without your consent. | ~ for He gave his consent for treatment. | ~ from consent from the parents | ~ to He withheld his consent to the marriage.

PHRASES the age of consent (= the age at which sb is legally old enough to agree to have a sexual relationship)