consciousness noun

1 being able to see/hear/feel things

ADJ. full | higher to aspire to a higher consciousness | individual | human

VERB + CONSCIOUSNESS lose She hit her head on a rock and lost consciousness. | recover, regain | bring sb back to The cold water brought me back to full consciousness. | enter The words slowly entered her consciousness.

PHRASES a level/state of consciousness an altered state of consciousness

2 being aware of sth

ADJ. full I left the room with full consciousness of the impression I would make. | growing | altered | collective, public | national | modern | black | working-class | class, environmental, feminist, green, political, religious, social a new political consciousness among young people | false (technical) She sees racism as a form of false consciousness, where a society collectively believes untrue things about other races.

VERB + CONSCIOUSNESS develop, raise They have succeeded in raising consciousness on many issues. | enter imagery that has entered the national consciousness through the media | be lodged in, lodge itself in The idea firmly lodged itself in the public consciousness.

PREP. in (the) ~ a key position in feminist consciousness | ~ among, ~ of a growing consciousness of environmental issues among children