conscious adj.

1 aware of sth

VERBS be, seem | become | remain

ADV. acutely, deeply (formal), extremely, highly, intensely, terribly, very She became acutely conscious that someone was watching her. We are now deeply conscious of these issues. | fully, perfectly | increasingly | hardly I was hardly conscious of my surroundings. | clearly | dimly, vaguely He fell, and was dimly conscious of Tara standing over him. | painfully All the time he was painfully conscious of how hard it was going to be to explain. | environmentally, politically, socially The company is extremely environmentally conscious (= aware of environmental problems and how to deal with them).

PREP. of I am very conscious of the need for secrecy.

PHRASES fashion/health/safety/security conscious fashion conscious teenagers

2 able to see/hear/feel

VERBS be | become | remain She remained conscious throughout the operation.

ADV. fully The patient is not yet fully conscious. | barely, hardly One man was so drunk as to be barely conscious. | half I was only half conscious.