connection noun

1 relationship between two things

ADJ. clear, close, direct, intimate, strong There is a close connection between family background and academic achievement. | tenuous | obvious | causal

VERB + CONNECTION have His death had no connection with drugs. | discover, establish, find, make, see Researchers have now established a connection between air pollution and asthma. She did not make the connection between her diet and her poor health. | break, sever She wanted to sever all her connections with the firm.

PREP. in ~ with I am writing in connection with your recent job application. | ~ between the connection between crime and alcohol | ~ to/with What is your connection with the school?

PHRASES in that/this connection (= for reasons connected with sth recently mentioned)

2 place where wires/pipes join together

ADJ. loose | electrical, pipe

VERB + CONNECTION break If you break the connection, the light won't come on.


PREP. ~ to waiting for connection to the water mains

3 bus/train/plane

ADJ. good | bus, rail/railway, train

VERB + CONNECTION make | miss

PREP. ~ between There are good connections between the resort and major cities. | ~ to We'll be lucky if we make our connection to Paris. | ~ with good connections with New York

4 person you know

ADJ. good | aristocratic | business, family, personal, political, professional, social

VERB + CONNECTION have I have some good business connections in New York. He has connections (= he knows important people who would be able to help him). | use She used her connections to get the job.