confession noun

1 admitting guilt

ADJ. detailed, full | honest, true It's difficult to believe it's an honest confession after all her lies. | false | alleged | uncorroborated | signed, taped/tape-recorded, written | deathbed

VERB + CONFESSION make | sign | extract, get, obtain, secure He claims his confession was extracted under torture. | retract She made a false confession during the trial which she later retracted. | exclude The court excluded the confession wrongly obtained by the police.

PREP. ~ by an alleged confession by the defendant | ~ from a confession from the prisoner | ~ of a true confession of a terrible crime | ~ to a confession to murder

PHRASES force/get a confession out of sb The police forced a confession out of him.

2 embarrassing statement

ADJ. candid, open | shy

VERB + CONFESSION made The government made open confession of its inability to cope with the crisis.

PREP. ~ of her shy confession of love

PHRASES have a confession to make I have a confession to make. I read your private emails.

3 to a priest

VERB + CONFESSION go to I used to go to confession every Saturday as a child. | hear The priest heard her confession and granted absolution.


PHRASES an act of confession