conference noun

ADJ. national, international, regional, world | one-day, etc. | annual, quarterly, etc. | inaugural, preliminary, preparatory | consultative | joint | private | video | formal | full | successful | well-attended | high-level, summit | news, press | diplomatic, industry, inter-governmental, management, ministerial, multi-party, party, staff | constitutional, disarmament, education, environment, peace, trade, etc.

QUANT. series

VERB + CONFERENCE attend, go to | hold | organize | call, convene

CONFERENCE + VERB meet, take place | begin, open | close, end | bring sb together The conference brought together historians working in a variety of fields. | be entitled sth a conference entitled ‘Strategies for Epidemic Control’ | be devoted to sth, examine sth, focus on sth, look at sth a conference devoted to the topic of peace an inter-governmental conference examining cross-border cooperation | hear sth The conference heard an appeal from a representative from one of the more deprived areas. | agree sth, decide sth, vote sth The conference agreed to adopt a set of compromise proposals. | adopt sth, approve sth, back sth, support sth The conference adopted a resolution on minority rights. | recommend sth | condemn sth, reject sth

CONFERENCE + NOUN building, centre, complex, facilities, suite, venue | chamber, hall, room | table | platform The party leader made a morale-boosting speech from the conference platform. | chairman, speaker | guests, delegates, participants | organizer | agenda, programme | theme | debate, discussion, talks | speech | resolution | paper | report | session | season

PREP. at a/the ~ We met at an international conference. | in ~ with He was in conference with (= in a meeting with) his lawyers all day. | ~ about Few reporters turned up to his press conference about low pay. | ~ between a conference between the warring parties | ~ for a conference for catering managers | ~ on a conference on economic monetary union | ~ with Management had a joint conference with the union.