conduct noun

1 behaviour

ADJ. good The prisoner was released early for good conduct. | discreditable, disgraceful, immoral, improper, ungentlemanly, unprofessional, unseemly | aggressive, violent | criminal, fraudulent, illegal, negligent, unlawful, wrongful | homosexual, sexual | personal | business, professional The business conduct of this bank will be subject to UK rules. Our organization sets high standards of professional conduct. | police | human It is tempting to think of morality as a guide to human conduct.

VERB + CONDUCT engage in The committee concluded that the senators had engaged in improper conduct. | regulate Efforts were made to regulate the conduct of crowds at football games. | explain The minister was called to court to explain his conduct.

CONDUCT + VERB constitute sth conduct constituting a crime

PREP. ~ by The violent conduct by the strikers was condemned. | ~ towards her conduct towards her husband

PHRASES a code of conduct, rules of conduct, standards of conduct

2 management of sth

ADJ. proper The elders were responsible for the proper conduct of community life. | day-to-day the day-to-day conduct of the business of the company