condition noun

1 state of sth

ADJ. excellent, good, immaculate, mint, peak, perfect, pristine | fair, reasonable | bad, poor | original The clock was restored to its original condition. | physical

PREP. in … ~ The car is still in excellent condition.

2 sb's state of health

ADJ. critical, serious | stable Doctors say his condition is now stable. | mental, physical There has been a serious deterioration in her mental condition.

CONDITION + VERB get better, improve Without this treatment, her condition won't improve. | deteriorate, get worse

PREP. in a … ~ He is still in a critical condition in the local hospital. | out of ~ I haven't been excercising much recently, so I'm a bit out of condition.

PHRASES be in no condition to do sth You're in no condition to tackle the stairs.

3 illness

ADJ. medical | serious | chronic | incurable | rare | heart, skin, etc. | mental She was unable to give informed consent because of a mental condition.

VERB + CONDITION have, suffer from He has a rare skin condition. | be born with All three babies were born with an incurable heart condition.

4 conditions: situation/circumstances

ADJ. favourable, good, ideal, optimum Conditions are very favourable for starting a business. | adverse, appalling, awful, difficult, dreadful, freak (only used about the weather), harsh, poor, severe, terrible, treacherous adverse conditions for driving freak weather conditions | normal, prevailing | controlled The experiment is conducted under strictly controlled conditions. | experimental, laboratory | driving, housing, living, operating, working The working conditions in the factory are dreadful. | economic, market, political, social | climatic, environmental, physical, soil, weather

VERB + CONDITION live in, work in/under An enormous number of people live in conditions of severe poverty.

CONDITION + VERB exist, prevail As long as these weather conditions prevail, we are unable to rescue the climbers. | change | improve | deteriorate

PREP. in ~ in normal flight operating conditions | under ~ The samples are heated under experimental conditions.

5 rule

ADJ. strict | special

VERB + CONDITION attach, impose, lay down, set out the conditions attached to the grant of a residential licence The United Nations has imposed strict conditions on the ceasefire. | accept, agree to They would not agree to our conditions. | abide by, comply with, fulfil, meet, observe, satisfy To get a basic pension you must satisfy two conditions: … | be subject to The bar was licensed subject to the condition that no children under 15 be admitted. | be in breach of He denied being in breach of bail conditions.

CONDITION + VERB apply Special conditions apply to the use of the library's rare books.

PREP. on ~ that They agreed to lend us the car on condition that (= only if) we returned it before the weekend. | on … ~ I'll agree to the scheme on one condition: my name doesn't get mentioned to the press. | under the ~s of Under the conditions of the agreement, all foreign troops will leave by May.

PHRASES a breach of a condition, conditions of employment/sale, terms and conditions the terms and conditions of the contract

6 necessary situation

ADJ. necessary, sufficient a necessary and sufficient condition for the eradication of unemployment

PREP. ~ for

7 state of group

ADJ. human Work is basic to the human condition (= the fact of being alive).

VERB + CONDITION improve aiming to improve the condition of the urban poor