conclusion noun

1 opinion reached after considering the facts

ADJ. correct | logical, reasonable, valid | inescapable, inevitable, obvious | erroneous, false, wrong | main | hasty

VERB + CONCLUSION arrive at, come to, draw, reach I can't draw any conclusions from what she said. | jump to, leap to We don't want to jump to the wrong conclusion. Don't go jumping to conclusions before you know the facts. | lead to, point to It all points to the conclusion that nobody knew what was going on.

2 ending of sth

ADJ. satisfactory, successful | foregone The result of the match was a foregone conclusion. | hasty

VERB + CONCLUSION bring about, bring sth to The meeting was brought to a hasty conclusion. | come to

PREP. in ~ In conclusion, I would like to thank you all for your hard work. > Special page at MEETING