concession noun

1 sth you agree to in order to end an argument

ADJ. important, key, major, significant, substantial | limited, minor, small | special

VERB + CONCESSION grant (sb/sth), make, offer (sb/sth) | get, obtain, win

PREP. ~ on The pressure group has won a number of concessions on environmental policy. | ~ to The firm will be forced to make concessions to the union.

PHRASES make no concessions to sb/sth They made no concessions to his disability.

2 special right to do sth

ADJ. trade

VERB + CONCESSION grant (sb/sth) | obtain, secure, win The company has just won a mining concession in the north of the country.

3 lower charge for certain groups of people

ADJ. tax, travel

CONCESSION + VERB be available to travel concessions available to older people