concert noun

ADJ. big | sell-out | evening, lunchtime | opening | closing, farewell, final He will be giving his farewell concert as Music Director of the Ulster Orchestra. The orchestra performs its final concert of the season tomorrow. | live, public | open-air, promenade | carol, classical, pop, rock | brass band, choral, orchestral, symphony | gala, subscription The Queen attended a gala concert at the Royal Festival Hall. | benefit, charity | tribute

QUANT. series

VERB + CONCERT attend, go to | give, perform (in), play (in) | have, hold, present, put on, stage The band is putting on its biggest concert of the year. | organize

CONCERT + NOUN hall, platform, room, venue | performance, programme | artist, pianist | series, tour

PREP. at a/the ~ | ~ of a concert of military music | ~ for/in aid of organizing a concert for charity