computer noun

ADJ. powerful | desktop, home, laptop, mainframe, notebook, personal, portable the market for home computers | analogue, digital, parallel

VERB + COMPUTER run, use | switch on | switch off | log onto | log off | boot up, start up | shut down | reboot, restart | program | link, network Computers can be networked using modems and telephone lines. | interface The software allows you to interface your computer and an OCR reader. | hold sth on, store sth on The data is all held on computer.

COMPUTER + VERB run | hold sth, store sth The computer stores data in a buffer until the printer can accept it. | crash | be down/up The computers are all down (= not functioning) at the moment.

COMPUTER + NOUN network, program, system | equipment, hardware, software | language | science, technology | keyboard, screen, terminal, etc. | game, graphics, model A computer model is used to predict forces affecting the aircraft in flight. | expert, hacker, programmer, user | company, industry, manufacturer | time Such a large sorting operation can take up a lot of computer time.

PREP. on (a/the) ~ It's all stored on the computer.