compromise noun

ADJ. acceptable, fair, good, happy, honourable, possible, pragmatic, reasonable, sensible, suitable | ideal | muddled, uneasy, unsatisfactory After months of negotiations, they have reached an uneasy compromise. | inevitable, necessary

VERB + COMPROMISE agree on, arrive at, come to, find, make, reach, work out I'm not making any more compromises. They're still trying to work out an acceptable compromise. | look for, seek It is best to try to seek a compromise rather than a perfect solution. | offer, suggest After much discussion, she offered a compromise. | accept | reject

COMPROMISE + NOUN agreement, deal, formula, proposal, resolution, solution | candidate He might be an attractive compromise candidate if both sides' first choices are rejected.

PREP. ~ between It was a fair compromise between the two sides. | ~ on/over They came to a compromise over the exact amount to be paid. | ~ with There could be no compromise with the nationalists. > Special page at MEETING