complication noun

1 problem

ADJ. major | added, additional, further | undue, unnecessary | political

VERB + COMPLICATION add, cause The presence of an armed gang added a major complication. | avoid We always try to avoid any unnecessary complications.

COMPLICATION + VERB arise, occur Further complications arose when the newspapers published an interview with the prisoner's family.

2 medical

ADJ. acute, dangerous, serious, severe | chronic, long-term | minor | common | rare | local | potential | birth, diabetic, medical, post-operative

VERB + COMPLICATION develop, have, suffer She developed complications two weeks after the treatment. | die from/of | avoid, prevent

COMPLICATION + VERB develop, occur, arise Complications develop if the drug is not used properly. | result from sth

PHRASES a risk of complications The treatment carries a high risk of complications.

PREP. ~ with complications with her pregnancy.