complaint noun

1 act of complaining

ADJ. bitter, serious | common, familiar, frequent | formal, official | consumer, customer

VERB + COMPLAINT have I have a complaint about the food. | bring, file, lodge, make, register, voice He brought a complaint against his former manager. They filed a complaint with the European Commission. | get, have, receive We have had some serious complaints from parents. | deal with, handle, hear, investigate, respond to The tribunal heard complaints against the director. | resolve | reject

COMPLAINT + VERB arise complaints arising from late payment | concern sth, relate to sth

COMPLAINT + NOUN complaints procedure

PREP. ~ about a complaint about working conditions | ~ against a complaint against the police | ~ from a complaint from the neighbours | ~ of a complaint of unfair dismissal | ~ to to make a complaint to the authorities

PHRASES cause/grounds for complaint The way I was treated gave me no cause for complaint. | a chorus of complaint, a letter of complaint, a matter of complaint

2 illness

ADJ. mild, minor | chronic | common Not being able to sleep at night is a very common complaint. | back, chest, etc. | medical

VERB + COMPLAINT have, suffer from He has a minor skin complaint.