competence noun

1 ability to do sth well

ADJ. great | basic | administrative, managerial, professional, social, technical | communicative, language, linguistic, reading

VERB + COMPETENCE have | demonstrate, display, prove, show She shows a high level of technical competence. | lack | achieve, acquire, develop, gain He gradually developed the competence to deal with the more difficult cases. | challenge, question

PREP. beyond sb's ~ I'm afraid the work is beyond his competence. | within sb's ~ This should be well within your competence. | ~ as Students had questioned her competence as a teacher. | ~ for He displayed great competence for the job. | ~ in competence in English

PHRASES a level/standard of competence

2 power to deal with sth

ADJ. formal | exclusive

VERB + COMPETENCE have The commission has no formal competence in cultural matters.

PREP. outside sb/sth's ~ matters that fall outside the court's competence | within sb/sth's ~ The decisions come within the competence of the council.

PHRASES an area of competence