compensation noun

ADJ. full | partial, small | adequate, appropriate, sufficient | financial, monetary

QUANT. amount

VERB + COMPENSATION award (sb), give (sb), grant (sb), offer (sb), pay (sb), provide (sb with) | accept, gain, get, obtain, receive She got some compensation for damages. | deny sb, refuse sb | claim, demand, fight for, seek | be eligible for, be entitled to

COMPENSATION + VERB be payable If the government is proved negligent, compensation will be payable.

COMPENSATION + NOUN claim | fund | order | payment | scheme

PREP. as ~ (for) She received £7,000 as compensation for her injuries. | in ~ (for) They will have to pay £5,000 in compensation. | ~ for The money was small compensation for unfair dismissal. | ~ from compensation from the government | ~ to compensation to Mrs Parker

PHRASES compensation in money