company noun

1 business organization

ADJ. big, large, major, medium-sized, small | start-up a major European company | associated, commercial, joint-stock, limited, private, public a public limited company | international, multi-national, national | trading an international trading company | bus, record, etc. a small insurance company

QUANT. group

VERB + COMPANY create, establish, form, found, set up, start (up) | manage, operate, run | acquire, buy, take over | dissolve | work for She's been working for the same company for 15 years. | join | leave, resign from

COMPANY + VERB make sth, produce sth The company produces cotton goods. | expand, grow | shrink | fail, go bankrupt, go bust, go into liquidation, go out of business, go to the wall (informal), go under During the recession many small companies went out of business.

COMPANY + NOUN director, policy, profits | car

PREP. in a/the ~ He has shares in several companies. | within a/the ~ the division of power within a company

PHRASES a director of a company > Special page at BUSINESS

2 group of actors/dancers, etc.

ADJ. large, small | touring | ballet, theatre, etc. a small touring theatre company > Note at ORGANIZATION(for verbs)

3 being with sb else

ADJ. good, pleasant He's very good company. | poor

VERB + COMPANY have It's nice to have a bit of company for a change. | keep sb I'll stay and keep you company. | need, want | provide (sb with) A cat would provide her with some company. | seek | enjoy I always enjoy her company.

PREP. for ~ I took my mother with me for company. | in sb's ~ He's nervous in the company of his colleagues.

PHRASES have/request the pleasure of sb's company (formal), like/prefer your own company (= to like being alone)

4 group of people together

ADJ. mixed (= men and women) | assembled He glanced round the assembled company.

VERB + COMPANY keep (= to spend time with) John's mother was worried about the company he kept.

PREP. in ~ Those children don't know how to behave in company. That's not something to say in mixed company.

PHRASES get into/keep bad company (= to be friends with people that others disapprove of), present company excepted (= used after being rude or critical about sb to say that the people you are talking to are not included in the criticism)

5 visitor or visitors

VERB + COMPANY expect, have We're expecting company this afternoon.