community noun

ADJ. large, small | close, close-knit, tight-knit a close-knit fishing community | lively, thriving, vibrant | international, local | wider the concerns of the local and wider community | ethnic, immigrant, minority, religious | Asian, black, etc. the Asian community in Britain | Christian, Muslim, etc. | farming, mining, etc. | rural, village | academic, business, gay, scientific

COMMUNITY + NOUN care, centre, college, service, work | action, relations | group, leader | spirit

PREP. in/within a/the ~ divisions within the scientific community

PHRASES the community as a whole/at large a cultural programme that should benefit the community at large | a member of the community, part of a community, a pillar of the community (= a strong supporter of the community), a sense of community There is a strong sense of community in this town.