commission noun

1 asking sb to do a piece of work for you

ADJ. private, public

VERB + COMMISSION accept, get, receive I have received a private commission to paint the prince's family. | give sb

2 official group asked to report on sth

ADJ. international, national | joint | independent | government, judicial, official, parliamentary, royal | permanent, standing | special | roving | working | economic, election, electoral, fact-finding, investigating, investigative, planning

VERB + COMMISSION appoint, establish, set up The government has set up a joint commission to consider the problem. | chair, head, preside over

PREP. ~ for the commission for racial equality | ~ on a commission on domestic violence

PHRASES a commission of enquiry

3 money for selling sth/providing a service

ADJ. big, high | small | fixed

VERB + COMMISSION earn, get, receive | pay | charge That bank charges a high commission for cashing traveller's cheques. | deduct

PREP. in ~ She earned £2,000 in commission last month. | on ~ Most of the salespeople are on commission. | ~ for/on They get a 10% commission on every encyclopedia they sell.

PHRASES on a commission basis to work on a commission basis