column noun

1 tall stone post

ADJ. huge, tall | fluted colonnades of fluted Doric columns | classical | Corinthian, Doric, Ionic

COLUMN + VERB support sth The roof is supported by four huge columns.

2 piece of writing in a newspaper

ADJ. regular He has a regular column in a weekly newspaper. | daily, weekly, etc. | newspaper | agony, correspondence, death, editorial, financial, gossip, leader, letters, lonely hearts (= with advertisements for a new lover or friend), obituary, personal, travel

VERB + COLUMN have, write | syndicate

COLUMN + NOUN inches So many column inches are devoted to film stars.

PREP. in a/the ~ She saw his name in an obituary column. | ~ about/on a weekly column on films showing in London

3 long line of people, vehicles, etc.

ADJ. huge, long | armoured, tank | marching

PREP. in ~s to march in columns | ~ of a column of troops

PHRASES the head of the column