collection noun

1 group of objects

ADJ. big, extensive, huge, large, major, substantial, vast | small | growing | complete, comprehensive | core, permanent The permanent collection is displayed on the first floor, whilst the ground floor houses temporary exhibitions. | reserve The museum has a large reserve collection in storage, which members of the public rarely get to see. | amazing, extraordinary, fascinating, fine, good, great, important, impressive, interesting, magnificent, outstanding, remarkable, rich, stunning, superb, unique, useful, valuable | bizarre, disparate, diverse, heterogeneous, jumbled, miscellaneous, motley, odd, random, strange, varied | representative to assemble and analyse a representative collection of data | celebrated, distinguished, famous, prestigious, renowned | family, personal, private the largest private art collection in the world | public | international, local, national | historical | reference, research a research collection available for study by archaeologists | archive, library, museum a historical archive collection of 20,000 documents | antiques, art, book, CD, coin, manuscript, photographic, picture, plant, record, stamp

VERB + COLLECTION boast, have The museum boasts a superb collection of medieval weapons. | acquire, amass, assemble, build up, compile, make He built up his collection over a period of ten years. She made a collection of Roman coins and medals. | start | add to a new painting to add to their collection | complete She needed only one more stamp to complete her collection. | hold, house a new building to house the national collection of arms and armour | display, exhibit, show A glass-fronted cabinet displayed a collection of china figurines. | view, visit, see I was allowed to view his family collection of portrait miniatures. | consult, study Historians frequently ask to consult the collection. | organize She had the task of cataloguing the library and organizing the collection of rare manuscripts.

COLLECTION + VERB consist of sth, contain sth, include sth The collection contains some 500 items. | cover sth The collection covers all phases of Picasso's career. | come from … | date from … major collections dating from the 11th to the 19th century | grow The museum's collection is growing all the time. | be available, be/go on display/show/view The collection is to go on public display for the first time next month. The collection is rarely on view to the public.

PREP. ~ of a valuable collection of antique porcelain > Note at ART

2 taking sth away/bringing sth together

ADJ. routine, systematic the systematic collection of data | efficient | free The council offers free collection of waste. | weekly | data | debt, rent, revenue, tax the need for more efficient tax collection | refuse, rubbish, waste

VERB + COLLECTION await, be ready for Your car is awaiting collection at our garage. | arrange, organize They will arrange collection of the chairs.

COLLECTION + NOUN point a lack of collection points for waste paper | service a refuse collection service

PREP. ~ of There are some difficulties with the collection of reliable data.

PHRASES a method of collection different methods of data collection

3 poems/stories/music

VERB + COLLECTION compile, edit, publish to publish a collection of scholarly essays

PREP. ~ of

4 money

ADJ. house-to-house, street | charity, church

VERB + COLLECTION have, make, organize, take We will have a collection for charity at the end of the concert. A collection will be taken at the end of the service.

COLLECTION + NOUN box, plate the church collection plate

PREP. ~ for a street collection for famine relief

5 new clothes

ADJ. new | autumn, spring, etc. | ready-to-wear

VERB + COLLECTION show, unveil the first designer to unveil his collection for the spring season