code noun

1 system of letters, numbers, etc. for secret information

ADJ. secret | Morse

VERB + CODE break, crack, decipher The code was difficult to crack. | use, write in | invent, make up

CODE + NOUN word

PREP. in ~ All the messages were in code.

2 numbers/letters for identifying sth

ADJ. area, dialling What's the area code for Bath? | post/postal | bar, charge | DNA, genetic | binary (= a system of computer programming instructions) | error (= on a computer)

CODE + NOUN number

3 set of rules for behaviour

ADJ. strict | ethical, moral | civil, criminal, disciplinary, penal | Highway the Highway Code (= the official rules for users of public roads in Britain) | dress

VERB + CODE have | devise, draw up, establish, formulate, lay down The company has drawn up a new disciplinary code. | comply with, follow | break, infringe, violate He was thrown out for infringing the club's strict dress code.

PHRASES a code of behaviour/conduct/ethics/honour/practice The profession has a strict code of practice.