coat noun

1 piece of clothing

ADJ. long | short | three-quarter-length | heavy | light | winter | waterproof | fur-trimmed | double-breasted, single-breasted | belted | duffle, frock, morning, tail, trench

VERB + COAT pull on, shrug (yourself) into, shrug on, throw on | pull off, shrug off | button (up) The coat was buttoned up wrong. | unbutton | hang (up)

COAT + NOUN collar, pocket, sleeve, tail | hook > Special page at CLOTHES

2 fur/hair covering an animal's body

ADJ. long | short | thick | rough | smooth | curly, fluffy, furry, shaggy, silky, woolly a dog with a long shaggy coat | glossy | spotted, striped | winter

VERB + COAT shed The dog sheds its winter coat once the weather becomes warmer.

3 layer of sth covering a surface

ADJ. thick | thin | fresh, new The room needs a fresh coat of paint. | base | final, top

VERB + COAT apply, put on Make sure the base coat has thoroughly dried before applying the top coat.


PREP. ~ of a coat of paint/varnish