coalition noun

ADJ. strong | loose | broad, broad-based, rainbow, umbrella an umbrella coalition of human rights organizations | grand a grand coalition of various environmental groups | centre-left, centre-right, conservative, left-wing, liberal, radical, right-wing | two-party, three-party, etc. | cross-party | governing, government, ruling | opposition | wartime | political

VERB + COALITION create, form The centre-right opposition parties have formed a coalition. | join | lead a coalition led by the Socialist Party

COALITION + VERB break up, collapse, fall (apart)

COALITION + NOUN government | forces, member, partner, party

PREP. in (a/the) ~ The two parties governed in coalition for four years. the biggest party in the government coalition | ~ between a coalition between the Socialists and Communists | ~ of a broad coalition of democratic and republican groups | ~ with They formed a coalition with the Greens.