clothes noun

ADJ. beautiful, elegant, fancy, fine, lovely, nice, pretty | cheap, expensive | clean, fresh | dirty, dishevelled, ragged, shabby, soiled | tight | baggy, ill-fitting, loose, sloppy | designer, fashionable, trendy | dowdy, nerdy, old-fashioned | second-hand | comfortable, sensible | best, evening, formal, smart He wore his best clothes to the interview. | casual, everyday, ordinary | outrageous, strange, wacky | warm | summer, winter | outdoor, outer | baby, maternity, mourning, night, riding, school, sports, work, working | civilian, plain an officer in plain clothes (= not in uniform)

QUANT. set, suit I'm going to take a set of clean clothes with me. a new suit of clothes for the baby

VERB + CLOTHES put (back) on | remove | change Aren't you going to change your clothes for the party? | make | dry, iron, mend, wash

CLOTHES + NOUN shop | designer | basket | sense

PREP. in ~ She didn't recognize him in his sloppy everyday clothes.

PHRASES a change of clothes