climb verb

1 move up towards the top of sth

ADV. high Don't climb too high. | slowly

PREP. up He climbed slowly up the ladder.

PHRASES climb to the top We climbed right to the top of the mountain. | go climbing (= climb up mountains for sport) He goes climbing in Scotland every summer.

2 move/lead upwards

ADV. gradually, slowly | steadily | steeply | up

VERB + CLIMB begin to The path began to climb quite steeply.

PREP. from The road gradually climbs up from the village. | to The plane took off and climbed to 20,000 feet.

3 increase

ADV. sharply, steeply Prices have climbed sharply in recent months. | steadily

PREP. above The temperature had climbed above 90 degrees. | from, to Unemployment has climbed from two million to three million.