climax noun

1 exciting/important event, point in time, etc.

ADJ. big, dramatic, exciting, grand, great, powerful, thrilling | fitting

VERB + CLIMAX come to, reach The crisis reached its climax in the 1970s. | approach, near, rise to, build up to, work up to The story gradually builds up to a powerful climax. | bring sth to The affair was brought to a climax when the chairman resigned. | mark Yesterday marked the climax of the celebrations.

CLIMAX + VERB come The climax came at the end of the second act of the play.

PREP. at the ~ The hero dies at the climax of the opera. | in a/the ~ In a dramatic climax, our team lost the match by one goal. | ~ to His promotion was a fitting climax to a worthy career.

2 highest point of sexual pleasure

ADJ. sexual

VERB + CLIMAX achieve, reach She found it hard to achieve a/reach climax.