clearance noun

1 removal of sth old/unwanted

ADJ. forest, land, site, slum

CLEARANCE + NOUN work | sale (= in a shop when goods are sold cheaply to get rid of them quickly)

2 official permission

ADJ. official | customs, diplomatic, entry, security

VERB + CLEARANCE get, obtain, receive You'll need to get security clearance for this job. | apply for, seek | give sb, grant sb The pilot was granted clearance to land. | refuse sb

3 distance between sth and sth passing under/beside it

ADJ. ground We need to increase the vehicle's ground clearance.

VERB + CLEARANCE allow (sb/sth), give sb/sth, leave Make sure you allow enough clearance on each side. Always give cyclists plenty of clearance.

PREP. ~ above clearance above the light to prevent overheating | ~ between There wasn't enough clearance between the bus and the top of the bridge.