class noun

1 lesson/group of students

ADJ. big, large | small | advanced, beginners', elementary, intermediate | biology, history, etc. | evening

VERB + CLASS attend, go to, take He's taking classes in pottery. | miss | hold The institute holds evening classes throughout the year. | conduct, give, take, teach Who's taking the class today? | dismiss Class dismissed! | observe, sit in on

CLASS + NOUN member, teacher | size

PREP. in (a/the) ~ We'll start the exercise in class and you can finish it for homework. Which history class are you in? | ~ in She's going to evening classes in Italian.

PHRASES the back/front of the class He sat at the back of the class. | be/come top of the class She came top of the class in maths.

2 social/economic group

ADJ. lower, lower-middle, middle, upper, upper-middle, working sections of the working class | chattering (informal), educated, landed, landowning, privileged, professional, ruling topics being discussed at the breakfast tables of the chattering classes | dominant | social Membership of gardening clubs is drawn from all social classes.

CLASS + NOUN structure, system | consciousness | interests | conflict, differences, divisions, struggle, war

3 group of things

ADJ. large, small | distinct | rare

VERB + CLASS form These writers form a distinct class in Russian literature.

PREP. ~ of a rare class of butterflies

PHRASES be in a class of your own/in a different class (= to be much better than sb/sth)

4 high quality/style

ADJ. great, real a player of great class

VERB + CLASS have She's got real class.

PHRASES a touch of class The musical entertainment added a touch of class to the occasion.