circumstance noun

1 (usually circumstances) facts/events that affect sth

ADJ. favourable The scheme might work better with more favourable circumstances. | adverse, difficult, tragic, trying, unfavourable people facing adverse circumstances He died in tragic circumstances. | normal In normal circumstances I would let you use my car, but today I need it. | exceptional, special, unusual Only if the circumstances are exceptional will we accept late applications. | mysterious, suspicious She died in rather suspicious circumstances. | extenuating, mitigating His sentence was reduced because of the extenuating circumstances. | changed, changing, different | unavoidable, unforeseen | economic, financial, political, social life in the changing economic circumstances of China

QUANT. set an unfortunate set of circumstances that made her life difficult

CIRCUMSTANCE + VERB change | conspire, dictate sth I felt that circumstances were conspiring against me. Circumstances dictate that I should leave this town forever.

PREP. according to ~ The amount paid will vary according to circumstances. | due to … ~s Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to reschedule the concert. | in … ~s She died in suspicious circumstances. | in/under the ~s In the circumstances, you'd better ring the police. | ~ surrounding The bank will investigate the circumstances surrounding the robbery.

PHRASES by/through force of circumstance The survivors ate plants and insects through force of circumstance. | circumstances beyond our control The delays were due to circumstances beyond our control. | a combination of circumstances We lost our position in the market due to a combination of circumstances. | in/under no circumstances Under no circumstances should you leave the door unlocked. | a victim of circumstance He was simply a victim of circumstance.

2 circumstances: amount of money you have

ADJ. desperate, reduced, straitened | domestic, family, personal

CIRCUMSTANCE + VERB improve | worsen

PREP. in … ~ He was a writer living in straitened circumstances.