circulation noun

1 movement of blood round the body

ADJ. good | bad, poor | blood

VERB + CIRCULATION have I've got poor circulation. | improve, stimulate to have a massage to stimulate your circulation

PHRASES the circulation of the blood

2 passing of sth between different people

ADJ. general | restricted Restricted circulation of the report will reduce the risk of leaks outside the ministry.

VERB + CIRCULATION go into The new banknotes will go into general circulation next year. | put sth into | take sth out of, withdraw sth from Copies of the magazine were withdrawn from circulation.

PREP. in/out of ~ the amount of money in circulation (figurative) I was out of circulation for months after the baby was born.

2 of a newspaper/magazine

ADJ. large, mass, wide | limited, small | daily, monthly | national, nationwide

VERB + CIRCULATION enjoy, have The newspaper has a daily circulation of 20,000. | boost, increase

CIRCULATION + VERB increase, rise | fall


PREP. ~ of