cigarette noun

ADJ. lighted, lit carelessly throwing a lighted cigarette in the litter bin | half-smoked | illicit She slipped outside for an illicit cigarette. | filter tip, hand-rolled, king size, low-tar, menthol

QUANT. pack, packet She smokes a packet of cigarettes a day.

VERB + CIGARETTE smoke | draw on, pull on, suck on He pulled on his cigarette and waited for the train. | light | extinguish, put out, stub out Please extinguish all cigarettes now. | roll She rolls her own cigarettes. | flick (away) The old man flicked his cigarette onto the roadside. | advertise Posters advertising cigarettes have to carry government health warnings.

CIGARETTE + VERB burn The cigarette burned slowly in the ashtray. | glow The cigarettes glowed in the dark.

CIGARETTE + NOUN ash, smoke the smell of stale cigarette smoke | butt, end | case, packet | holder, lighter | smoker | burn | advertising