chorus noun

1 part of a song that is repeated

ADJ. rousing | final

VERB + CHORUS join in, sing

2 sth that a lot of people say together

ADJ. general | growing There is a growing chorus of protest against the policy.

VERB + CHORUS join Many teachers have joined the chorus of voices that disapprove of the new tests. | be met with, bring His suggestions were met with a chorus of jeers.

CHORUS + VERB greet sb/sth

PREP. in ~ (= all together) ‘Hello,’ they shouted in chorus. | ~ of a chorus of boos

PHRASES a chorus of voices

3 large group of singers/dancers

ADJ. double | female, male | dawn (= of birds before dawn)

CHORUS + NOUN girl, line

PREP. in a/the ~ She is singing in the chorus.

PHRASES a member of the chorus