choice noun

1 act of choosing

ADJ. careful, good, informed, right, wise a careful choice of words | bad, wrong | difficult, hard, stark She faced the stark choice of backing the new scheme or losing her job. | natural | moral Doctors have to make moral choices every day of their lives. | career

VERB + CHOICE make | be faced with, face

PREP. by/from/out of ~ (= because you have chosen) I wouldn't have come to this bar by choice! | of ~ (= that is/should be chosen by a particular group of people for a particular purpose) It's the software of choice for business use. | of your ~ (= that you choose yourself) First prize will be a meal for two at a restaurant of your choice. | ~ about to make choices about their future

2 chance/ability to choose

ADJ. clear | free Students have a free choice from a range of subjects. | first You can have first choice of all the rooms. | multiple a test with multiple choice questions | consumer, parental

VERB + CHOICE have I now had a clear choice: either I accept their terms or I leave. | exercise Everyone in a democracy has the right to exercise choice. | give sb, present sb with We gave her the choice, and she decided she'd like a bike for her birthday. | extend

PREP. ~ about He had no choice about that. | ~ as to to extend parental choice as to which schools children should attend | ~ between She has a choice between three different universities. | ~ of a choice of wines

PHRASES freedom of choice, have little/no choice but to do sth I had no choice but to cancel my holiday. | have no choice in the matter The way he behaved meant that we had no choice in the matter. | leave sb with little/no choice Your decision leaves me with no choice but to resign.

3 things from which you can/must choose

ADJ. good, wide | limited | available a range of available choices

VERB + CHOICE have, offer We offer a choice of ten different holiday destinations.

CHOICE + VERB be available (to sb), be open to sb a range of choices available to buyers

PREP. ~ of The shop has a very limited choice of ties.

PHRASES be spoilt for choice (= to have a large number of things from which to choose)

4 sb/sth that is chosen

ADJ. excellent, good, happy It was a happy choice of venue | obvious Bill is the obvious choice for captain of the team. | popular | first, second Our first choice for a holiday is the north of Scotland.

PREP. ~ as Mary is a popular choice as chair of the committee. | ~ for I think she's a very good choice for captain.