chocolate noun

1 sweet brown food

ADJ. dark, plain | milk | white | bitter | cooking

QUANT. bar, slab | bit, piece, square He broke off a few squares of chocolate. | box I gave her a box of hand-made Belgian chocolates.

VERB + CHOCOLATE eat, have | break (up) into pieces/squares She broke a bar of dark chocolate into four pieces. | grate | melt Melt 100g of cooking chocolate in a basin over hot water. | coat/cover sth in/with, dip sth in, spread/sprinkle (sth with) a box of brazil nuts coated in chocolate

CHOCOLATE + VERB melt Stir until the chocolate has melted.

CHOCOLATE + NOUN bar, chip | biscuit, cake, eclair, egg, gateau, ice cream, mousse, sauce | factory > Special page at FOOD

2 small sweet made from chocolate

ADJ. soft-centred | hand-made

QUANT. box


3 drink made from powdered chocolate

ADJ. hot | drinking

QUANT. cup, mug